Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Presidential candidates about to get the Lance Armstrong treatment.........

This is an article that shows an emotional goal that retired cyclist, Lance Armstrong is focusing on acheiving as if he were on his way to another amazing win at the Tour de France. As a leader and star, he works to make cancer a top priority in political issues. After a three billion dollar cancer research proposal won approval in the Texas House, Lance Armstrong was among those pushing for the important issue to pass, however worries occurred that it might not survive the Senate Finance Committee. In testimony, as a testicular cancer survivor, Lance Armstrong shared how his stepsister was about to get married without the presence of her mother, who died of breast cancer to show another story of those who have lost their lifes to cancer. The proposal passed and will appear as Proposition 15 on the November ballots.

After ending his racing career, Armstrong has approached the political arena in making cancer a national priority. Cancer kills more than 1,500 Americans a day and Armstrong feels, "cancer is far bigger than terrorism, and aids or anything due to the fact that Globally it is our biggest killer." Armstrong is pushing a bill in Congress that would expand national screening programs and holds his foundation's series for fundraising events. One being in Austin on October 13th and 14th.

Eventually, after a tough fight the bill cleared the committee and later the full Senate, now it is just up to the voters. As far as presidential, "the challenge will be competing with issues like the war in Iraq and Global warming, but when an equivalent 9/11 happens every day through cancer, it is worth the fight."

If one has any feelings or interest in the research of cancer, then reading this article will rise the hopes of many along with Lance Armstrong in hopefully suceeding the process of making cancer a more looked at concern since in previous presidential races it has had little focus. It is a good resource to see which candidates for this election may be involved in Lance Armstrong foundation.

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