Thursday, October 18, 2007

Report details Mexico's cartels, threats to U.S.

A headline in the Ausitn American statesman that reads, Report details Mexico's cartels, threats to U.S. caught my attention as I realized that drugs and violence is already corrupting the United States without the interference of Mexico. It might as well have stated, Report informs the United States that the threat of drugs is in the U.S. path and don't forget about the violence that is attached with the illegal distribution coming your direction.

According to Kelly Shannon, author of the article, a seventeen page report has been released and issued to fellow members of Governor Rick Perry's Border Security Council. Throughout the report, Fred Burton, vice president for counterterrorism with Stratfor is stating that "the deteriorating security situation has profound implications not only for Mexico but also for the United States, since drug violence increasingly crosses the border."

The report is suggesting that the U.S. is going to pay the price for the escalating violence from Mexico's durg cartels that are spilling across the border due to the weakness of Law enforcement on the U.S. side. It may seem that the United States has a powerful security system, however corruption, poor coordination, and lack of resources has taken over and is defeating the purpose of a border when it has become a weak, powerless line that criminals are bypassing.

The main focus here should be on the number of drug related deaths in Mexico. In 2005 there were 1,543 and more than 2,100 in 2006 which leads to the estimation of 2007 being the deadliest year yet. You would think with such a high number in deaths two years ago, why hasn't something already been done to prevent this from happening. The most shocking problem is the corruption of the officiers patrolling the border and the proof that it is occurring is through those serving time for drug trafficking, extortion, and corruption. Former County Sheriff Conrado Cantu is serving 24 years in federal prison for breaking the law and letting this occurr in his territory.

I do understand that the threat against the law enforcement working along the border is probably very brutal, however enforcing the law is very important in order to have a strong security system that nobody can get by and if the criminals are aware of the security strength then most likely they will not try to cross. Therefore, if Texas is going to illustrate the importance of border security being a top priority throughout the state then we need to question it and make sure that it becomes a priority that is being tended to soon. Especially if 100 million dollars is being tossed around because officials don't know where to spend the money. It will only continue to get worst and spread into the United States which will eventually be impossible to control because of hesitation and the delayed process of acting immedialety to a conflict that needed serious attention. If the U.S. wants to prevent this from spilling onto our side then we better stop it from happening before drugs and violence take over the entire United States community.

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